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Cholesterol Management Program

Elevated cholesterol is a silent health risk affecting 105 million Americans.CVM's cholesterol program specializes in working with patients to help them manage their high cholesterol.

Where can I get help with my high cholesterol?
Your cardiologist may be able to assist with your high cholesterol by addressing life style changes or prescribing medications. In addition, the Cholesterol Management Program is a service that CVM is proud to provide to our patients and referring providers.

Edmund P. Coyne, MD is the supervising Medical Director of the clinic. Judi Deckert is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner who specializes in cholesterol management. Judi counsels patients on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, smoking cessation, and weight loss. She also prescribes or adjusts medications to lower cholesterol. Judi is available for counseling at our Davenport office location. The Cholesterol Management Clinic has support staff that assist in notification of laboratory results and recommendations. A computer tracking system is also utilized to ensure appropriate follow-up.

What will the Cholesterol Management Clinic staff do for me?
Our knowledgeable cholesterol staff will review your medical and family history, explain your blood tests, and help to establish personal goals for you based on current research. The staff will encourage life style changes, monitor your progress toward your goals, and keep your cardiologist and primary care provider informed of your results.

How can I find out more about the Cholesterol Management Program?

Please call our Davenport location at 563-324-2992 or 1-800-382-0707 for additional information.